Zoning Regulations


The Town of Sylvan Springs has comprehensive zoning regulations. Please contact Town Hall at 205-491-3210 for use regulations within the Zoning Districts listed below.

R-1      Single Family District

R-2      Single Family District

R-M     Single Family/Mobile Home District

R-P      Planned Unit District

R-R      Rural Residential District

A-1      Agricultural District

INST    Institutional District

CEM    Cemetery District

U-1      Utilities District

C-1      Restricted Commercial District

C-2      General Commercial District

C-3      Special Commercial District

I-1       Light Industrial District

I-2       Heavy Industrial District

I-3       Mining and Manufacturing District

I-4       Special Industrial and Manufacturing District

C-U      Current Use District

A copy of the Zoning Map can be viewed by clicking on the link below for a downloadable PDF file, or you can contact Town Hall to review a hard copy.

Zoning Map